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The Enlight Lab is advocacy and movement building organization to enlighten Youth & bind them in a social change force.

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Illuminating Minds

The Enlight Lab is Non-Profit  Organization registered under Societies Act 1860 with Govt. of Pakistan. We strives to create synergy between social change initiatives to engage people in upbringing a changemakers task force. 


Struggling for a Pluralistic Society, without distinction of any kind, such as race, gender, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or  origin, property, birth or other status.


Gender, Entrepreneurship, STEM Education. Creative Economy. We believe that social and economical problems of this century needs innovative solutions.


Civic Sense

Strengthening the bond between individual, community and State. at physical & digital space. We empower Youth by boosting their capacity on fundamental rights and duties

Enlight Lab's Legacy

In the 16th century a reformation movement emerged in our part of the world which known as Roshaanyya, led by Bayazid Ansari (Pir Rokhan) and then succeeded by Bibi Alai. They challenged the inequality and social injustice, introduce and advocated for Education

The Enlight Lab is the revival  of the Roshanniya Movement. Promoting peace and prosperity through education and awareness, to curb disparity, ignorance and sectarianism. We believe it is through education and equal rights of all humans that we can bring peace to this world.

Meet our Team

The Enlight Lab happened when young social enthusiasts came together, integrated their scattered efforts and made it into organization! The team members were social influencers and vocal on various platforms, taking up social issues in their own capacities on counter-radicalisation, social inclusion, civic literacy, socio-economic and political injustices. We thought we could make more out of our efforts if put together.

That’s how we teamed up to The Enlight Lab.

Dr. Khadija Aziz

Dr. Khadija Aziz


Nadia Khan

Nadia Khan

CoFounder & Communication Lead

Shafeeq Gigyani

Shafeeq Gigyani

Cofounder & Operations Lead

At The Enlight Lab, we are a small but extremely passionate team, working to take up diverse ventures that tackles social inequality!

 This is our chance to create a new narrative of our society. 

Our Initatives

The Enlight Lab’s hatched cocoons and some cool ideas in pipeline.

Women Avenue

Women’s Avenue is an Online e Content space for developing and promoting content for half of the nation to become part of the archive history.

Ze yam Pakhtunkhwa

Ze Yam Pakhtunkhwa is Radio Show for youth which is weekly broadcast on state run FM Pakhtunkhwa 92.2.

Students' Union Now

Student’s Union Now is ongoing campaign initiated by us for regulations and restoration of Students’s union in education Institute

reThink Peshawar

reThink Peshawar is tour guide program for training youth on generating income through creative economy.

Peshawar Study Circle

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