We have entered into 21st century and done with one fifth proportion of it. Challenges of development are huge! We are on the verge of ticking time-bomb to take up the social, economic and political challenges of this region serious as never before!
The Enlight Lab has identified the determinants of change keeping in view the indigenous social dynamics. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and adjoining tribal areas have witnessed the worst wave of terrorism in the past two decades. The war on terror has not only halted the socioeconomic development of the region but has far larger impacts on social and cultural structure. Over this time period criminalization and polarization of one entire community has raised many concerns. The Enlight Lab aims to build an empowered society keeping intact the pluralist, diverse and multicultural identities.
The Enlight Lab looks forward to effective response to challenges through community outreach and investing in youth. We believe that the young ones should be consulted on governance, public policy, political participation and to build their skills to think and reflect critically on modern challenges of the digital century!
Here at The Enlight lab, we have analysed the emerging local grievances and needs over the time period and came up with vision to create alternatives to them through technology, creative economy, entrepreneurship, governance, democracy, culture and women empowerment.

How ‘‘The Enlight Lab’’ happened?
The Enlight Lab happened when young social enthusiasts came together, integrated their scattered efforts and made it into organization!
The team members were social influencers and vocal on various platforms, taking up social issues in their own capacities on counter-radicalisation, social inclusion, civic literacy, socio-economic and political injustices. We thought we could make more out of our efforts if put together, that’s how we teamed up to The Enlight Lab.
We are inspired by ‘‘Roshaanyya Movement’’ and aim to bring to life the 16th century movement in the current digital era.
At The Enlight Lab, we are a small but extremely passionate team, working to take up diverse ventures that tackles social inequality!
This is our chance to create a new narrative of our society. Our values are Equity, Diversity & Justice. Let’s do it right together!