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To facilitate local communities’ participation and intergenerational partnership in political decision-making.


We envision a society where individual coexistence is guaranteed irrespective of their gender, class, religion, and ethnicity.

Here at The Enlight lab, we have analyzed the emerging local grievances and needs over the time period and came up with vision to create alternatives to them through technology, creative economy, entrepreneurship, governance, democracy, culture and women empowerment.
The Enlight Lab’s diverse portfolio addresses several deep-rooted issues of critical importance in education, social living, economy, and climate sector having gender and technology as crosscutting themes.
Our aim is to facilitate local communities’ participation and intergenerational partnership in political decision-making. We provide support and make collaborate among diverse social change initiatives. We invest in providing tools, resources, and capacity building to community-based initiatives, public sector organizations, and local communities for informed positive actions.
The Enlight Lab happened when young social enthusiasts came together, integrated their scattered efforts and made it into organization! The team members were social influencers and vocal on various platforms, taking up social issues in their own capacities on counter-radicalisation, social inclusion, civic literacy, socio-economic and political injustices. We thought we could make more out of our efforts if put together, that’s how we teamed up to The Enlight Lab.

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