How The Enlight Lab came into being?


Pir Rokhan

Bayazid Ansari aka Pir Rokhan or enlightened Teacher, the pioneer of formal education in Pashtun society, who invented the alphabet of Pashto.
In the 16th century a reformation movement emerged in our part of the world which known as Roshaanyya, led by Bayazid Ansari (Pir Rokhan) and then succeeded by Bibi Alai.

They challenged the inequality and social injustice, introduce and advocated for Education
The Enlight Lab
is the revival of the Roshanniya Movement. Promoting peace and prosperity through education and awareness, to curb disparity, ignorance, and sectarianism. We believe it is through education and equal rights of all humans that we can bring peace to this world..

The Enlight Lab happened when young social enthusiasts came together, integrated their scattered efforts and made it into organization!
The team members are social influencers and vocal on various platforms, taking up social issues in their own capacities on counter-radicalisation, social inclusion, civic literacy, socio-economic and political injustices. We thought we could make more out of our efforts if put together, that’s how we teamed up to The Enlight Lab.,