Projects we have initaied to address critical issues and create positive impact in our community.

FLOOD.PK website aims to provide real-time crowdsourced data on relief camps, flooded areas, relief needed, list volunteers & fundraisers, rivers flow, and other flood-related data to help flood affectees, relief teams, and the government.

Cool Number

Peshawar Circle

is a monthly-wise volunteer initiative of the Enlight Lab in which people from all walks of life come together to discuss pre-selected books every second Saturday of the month

It all started when a few friends met over tea after long breaks and restrictions of Covid-19 in 2021

Book Circles

Ze ym Pakhtunkhwa

is a Radio show every Wednesday on state-run FM 92.2 Pakhtunkhwa Radio, which focuses on youth issues, employment opportunities, civic education, and political leadership.

The shows range from general debate to discussing crucial issues. We have hosted youth leaders, academia, social activist and much more.


Faisal & Shafeeq

Dr. Faisal Khan and Shafeeq Gigyani host this podcast series in Pashto. They are enlightening youngsters about technology, innovation, economy, career, and education through their regular series of podcasts.

Peshawar Museum App

A mobile application has been developed to facilitate the visitors and allow them to listen and read the description of artifacts of the Buddha Gallery in Urdu, Pashto & English.

Museum offers the added experience of education and knowledge. Likewise, Peshawar Museum comprises five galleries with over five thousand artifacts showing vast knowledge about the city’s history. This project proposes an exciting curatorial method by developing an application (mobile phone) to meet two objectives, i.e., one is to preserve the artifacts digitally, and the second is to access these artifacts.

Women’s Avenue

Ed-Hack is an initiative of the National Incubation Center Peshawar in collaboration with the Provincial Ministry of Education and Enlight Lab. The goal of Ed-Hack is to find practical innovative solutions for the challenges faced in Pakistan’s Education sector, to expand the implementation of technology by fostering innovation and collaboration, and by connecting key stakeholders through this platform.