In the 16th century, Bayazid Ansari, also known as Pir Rokhan, emerged as a visionary leader in the Pashtun. He challenged the status quo and fought for progress and enlightenment, advocating for education and gender equality before they were widely accepted. His efforts earned him the title “The Enlightened Sage,” His legacy lives on today through The Enlight Lab.

The Enlight Lab is a modern-day revival of the Roshanniya Movement, which Pir Rokhan started. The organization aims to promote peace and prosperity through education and awareness, recognizing that ignorance, disparity, and sectarianism hinder progress. The organization believes that education and equal rights are essential to achieving sustainable peace and prosperity for all.

At The Enlight Lab, the key to creating positive change is empowering local communities to become agents of change. Our organization is dedicated to fostering collaboration between various social change initiatives and engaging people in creating a force for positive social change. We offer initiatives focused on entrepreneurship, capacity building, mentorship, grassroots community mobilization, awareness, technology, lobbying, and research.

Through our work, we aim to create a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and live in peace. We recognize that the path to progress is not always easy, but we believe we can make a difference together. By bringing together like-minded individuals and organizations, we can create a powerful force for change that can break down barriers and pave the way for a better future.

At The Enlight Lab, we are proud to be part of Pir Rokhan’s legacy and continue his work promoting enlightenment, education, and equality. We invite you to join us on this journey and be a part of creating a brighter, more just world.